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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Be Your Child's Hero and Save the Earth

Recently I read an article claiming that Global Warming is causing things within our environment to go out of balance, of course I am not talking about the ice caps melting, even though they are a huge concern. In this article it discussed how poison ivy is growing bigger, faster and more potent than ever before. While you may just brush this off, bare with me...

My father and I have always been immune (or what always seemed to be) to poison ivy. For instance, when I was on a school field trip at the ripe age of about 8. I can't remember where we were, but I do remember that me and my friends didn't like it. And as really bright kids - we thought, if we roll in poison ivy we could go we went looking for leaves of three. And yes I did, we all did...stopped - dropped and rolled in it. Of course it never occurred to us that it takes 48 hours for a rash to appear...but luckily for me, I never got it - unlike my partners in crime.

Until this year. I was weeding last month and didn't even see poison and broke out into a rash 48 hours later. The rash wasn't real bad but it is still a nuisance. Couple weeks ago my dad broke out in poison too, he chased his cat into weeds full of poison ivy...apparently the joke was on him. (How do cats know these things!?)

Luckily I decided to look for some Natural bug repellent for my daughter earlier this spring and stumbled upon Dirt Works. Dirt Works is a small company in New England who sells all natural lotions and repellent for individuals who would rather not use deet or harsh chemicals. I bought bug repellent which has a nice citronella smell, the itch nix (poison ivy and oak lotion) that cools the rash and stops the itch...within a day my poison stopped itching and never spread.

I highly recommend those two products for anyone who goes outdoors...both have worked great for keeping bugs at bay and poison rashes in control. And because the products are made with natural ingredients you won't have to worry about harming yours or your children's health. Oh, and the prices are incredibly reasonable too!

And remember the next time you go to throw out that aluminum can -- place it in the recycle bin instead. Be your child's hero and save the earth.

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Jill said...

We're going to be camping in the fall, so that's good to know!