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Friday, June 15, 2007


I recently added a list of Favorite Blog links on the right-hand side. I am going to add some of my favorite parenting blogs that are on the world wide make sure you check them out. Notes from the Trenches is very clever. The last couple posts that I have read have been quite humorous, I especially like the one about "papal juice."

There is nothing like trying to translate toddler-speak! Here are some of my daughter's...

1. Dit = Dance (Dit Mommy, Dit Daddy!)
2. Tawberry = Strawberry (Tawberry milk peese)
3. Peese = Please (See above)
4. Tire Fruck = Fire Truck (Isn't the same when you read it!)

Some times you ask them to repeat what they say and they look at you like duh, "I just told you!" My translating is getting least I keep telling myself that!

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