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Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Tie or not to Tie

Well ladies, Father's day is just around the corner and it is time to get our wonderful men something that says we really appreciate them -- and I am not talking ties!

Here are some neat ideas that I have stumbled upon (some old, some new), but to be careful not to give away my gift since my hubby reads my blog...

Nothing says happy fathers day quite like a nice gift certificate to the spa. Yes, men like to get pampered too! You can easily find a $30-$40 (30 minute) massage at Pamper You Salon in Linglestown -- I have been there numerous times and they are worth it. Or you can really splurge at the Hershey Spa, but you are paying for the atmosphere (unlimited hershey kisses) and the massage -- been here too and ahhhhhh $100 and up is well worth it.

So your guy isn't into the "metro-sexual" stuff, how about picture cuff-links? This was our gift to daddy last year - from Personal Creations (approx. $49). We engraved them with his initials and I put two different photos into each link. Daddy was very pleased.

Maybe your guy doesn't wear shirts that require cuff-links, maybe he would love his very own personal photo book. If you don't have time to create a scrapbook, let Shutterfly do it for you. Prices vary with size, from $30-$60 you can get a neat picture book. We bought our daughter a custom book last Christmas, it was picture perrrfect.

And if you guy just gets lost all the time, maybe it is time to toss the paper maps and invest in a portable GPS unit. These are really coming down in price ($500-$200) and are pretty amazing...even a techy-girl like me likey.

So, your guy insists on you not spending any money and really just wants to enjoy the day...You can always hang-up his favorite hammock, make him a pie and let him rest all day long, er, for an hour or so. That is certainly a great and priceless gift he can treasure always.

Happy Father's Day!

Post your father's day suggestions...

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Anonymous said...

These are great ideas! Last year, I bought my guy a digital picture key chain. He loved it!