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Friday, June 8, 2007

Cheese with that Whine?

Ahhh, the sound of wine, it is so...unnerving! No, not wine, whine! But a little whine makes me want some wine!

My daughter has started this whining thing a couple weeks ago, but over the past couple days she has been sick and boy did it ever exacerbate! So, I am at my wits end and pulled out my "Everything about your toddler" book. Go to the index and find "whining." As I find the page I see at the top 24 months, silly me, if only I read that section a week ago!

They begin the chapter with whining sounds like nails on a chalk board, ahhh, yes, that is it! As I read on, it said whining is normal for toddlers and it is worsened with hunger, tiredness, sickness (bingo), boredom, and lack of attention. And when they aren't whining...that is the other 5% of the time. (sarcasm towards the book) It gave me a chuckle. Anyways, so you are wondering how it can be alleviated...

1. Feed the toddler
2. Help the toddler get rest
3. Coddle your toddler and help her/him feel better
4. Give them a game to play
5. Take a break from what you are doing and play with them.
6. Distract them
7. Help them find the right words
8. Make whining a game. (ex. Where is that sound coming from...(look under the couch, behind the tv, and then check inside their mouth...then proceed to ask if it needs a tune-up and tickle them.) Little strange, but hey I will try annnyyyythinnnggg!

By the way, this was a short summary of the 3 full pages on this subject. Sounds like something I can try...I will keep you updated on our progress.

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