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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Imaginary Introductions

World Wide Web, I would like to introduce you to Bella, Becca and Alligator.

These three are my child's (Jelly Bean) imaginary friends (aka her alter-ego).

Bella is a girl (aka Bean's friend, sister and the angel)
Becca is a boy (aka Bean's friend, brother and the devil)
Alligator (to be determined)

Bella and Becca are twins. I find these two the most interesting, because Bella and Bean get along great...and they love to fight with Becca.

You see, Bella and Bean can do no wrong...they are perfect angels. Becca, on the other hand, is always up to no good...

"Who wrote on the table?" Daddy asks angrily.
"Becca did it." Bean says innocently.

"Who wiped the boogies on the car door?" Mommy asks angrily.
"Becca did it." Bean says innocently.

"Bean, don't spit, that is not nice." Mommy corrects Bean.
"I didn't do it mommy, Becca did it." With a straight and serious face, says Bean.

Are you seeing the pattern here? Hubby and I decided it was time to try some creative play. I thought it might help to put Becca into time out and talk to him about his bad behavior. But of course, Bean had to help me by bringing Becca to me (so I wasn't talking to thin air).

After I sat Becca down and talked to her (of course Bean had some words for her too), she sat in time out. A friend had success with this method with her daughter. But mine thought it was a game...

Next up...Daddy says, "For now on, if Becca does something she knows she shouldn't do, Bean gets in trouble too." Brilliant!

It seems that Bean is keeping Becca out of trouble lately!

Do your children blame someone else for something they do? How do you handle it?


mb said...

Yes, Bug blames the dog for everything from farting to knocking things over... even when we aren't home!

mb said...

But I just met our new friend, Julie, last week... I'll keep you posted on how her personality develops!