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Friday, October 3, 2008

40 years for a perfect apple pie

Tomorrow is "Jelly-Bean and Daddy" I venture off with some friends for a little "me-time." They have big plans, ones that JB helped pick out. They are going to make an apple pie (hubby is a pretty good cook/baker) and they are going to try to go down to this lake nearby and feed the ducks and geese (that should be interesting considering hubby hates geese).

On the way home today, I asked JB if she was excited about making an apple pie with daddy, this is how the conversation went...

JB -"I like apple pie mommy, we made one today."
"You did? Did you eat it?"
JB -"No, we threw it in the trash."
"And you didn't bring me a piece?"
JB -"Yes, here." (pretending to hand me a piece of pie) "Eat it."
"mmmm. very good."
JB -"yup."
"How long did it take to cook the pie?"
JB -"Yours took 40 years. Mine didn't take that long. Just, um, 2 years."
"Wow, that must have been some hard work."
JB -"Yes."

I have a feeling they will be pretty busy tomorrow. Masterpieces take years to make!


Momma Magpie said...

Oh, apple pie. My tummy is gurgling now.

Carey said...

It was so yummy! I will post pics soon.