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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

An ear ache is making you fat?

Childhood obesity is becoming quite the epidemic...McDonalds was sued years ago for making kids fat, moms who didn't breastfeed their children are being blasted for making their kids fat, and of course tv and video games are making our kids fat. Yeah, that's the ticket.

Oh and just the other day a new report was released that "ear infections may trigger obesity". Ok, seriously...maybe it is time we as parents take some of the blame?

Yes, children may have a gene that triggers them to like one food better than the others, and yes it is hard to get them to eat healthy all the time. Heck, my child's staples right now are mac and cheese and fries!

When I was a child my parents told me that I "had to sit at the table until my plate was clean." Yes, they were THOSE parents. I, of course do things a little differently...but I don't blame my parents...I mean I may not be Paris Hilton skinny, but I think I am doing ok...So, they really didn't do a bad job...but anyway...what is causing obesity?

Here are my thoughts, cause I am a epidemiologist, ok I just act like one on my blog...

1. Food packaging. Serving sizes are 50 percent larger than they were 10 years ago. Go to McDonalds and order a small coke or fry...they will give you what used to be a medium.

2. Juice = Fruit. Parents today are constantly on the run, and it is much easier giving your child a cup of juice instead of an apple or orange. Problem is juice is loaded with extra sugar.

3. Mirror image. They eat what you eat. If you eat healthy they will eat healthy. And this may be a long term solution. Toddlers work best with reverse psychology. (No, don't eat that...ugh! Yuck!) and it becomes a "how many pieces of broccoli can she eat?"

4. Portion control. It may say low-fat but that doesn't mean you can eat double. I just don't bother with diet food and drinks...They actually leave me feeling hungrier. I would rather eat my cake and savor the bite. Everything is ok in moderation.

5. Exercise. This one I am guilty of...When I was in Europe, everyone walked everywhere. We are so spoiled here. Get the kids out and play - with them!

6. Snack time. My daughter gets one snack a day after her nap...and sometimes she doesn't want it. Kids today are eating constantly and they don't need to be.

There are my 6 reasons to why there is a child obesity problem in the U.S., a problem that isn't McDonald's fault nor is it an ear infection's is our own fault. Take action and prevent obesity.


Amanda said...

"how many pieces of broccoli can she eat?"

We implemented broccoli races when the kids were toddlers. Everyone takes a "tree" and pops it in their mouth, first one to swallow wins. Now you have to be careful to work healthy normal chewing into the game so no one chokes, but broccoli is a favorite in our house now.

Mamalang said...

I totally agree that parents need to take responsibility.

I have wierd children who love their veggies. You know why? Because we serve them, and expect they'll eat them just like everything on else on their plates, and don't make a big deal about it. Too many parents today cater to their children and worry too much about them not eating enough. If they're hungry, they'll eat what you offer. You have to stand firm and not give in to snacks and stuff when they don't eat dinner.