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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Bottle Exchange

Somehow I am really behind on this bit of information...but a friend of mine sent me an email that said that Babies R Us is taking returns on old baby bottles (without a receipt) and exchanging them for new BPA-free bottles. (BPA is Bisphenol-A)

I was unable to find a press release on the Toys R Us website, but it appears to be true. However, when you take your bottles in to be exchanged, do not expect to get store credit, and be ready to possibly put out a few more dollars...BPA-free bottles costs slightly more.

This is a true break-through and I am very proud of Toys R Us for taking this stand. One small step will become one huge leap for consumers!

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Stepherz said...

I guess I'm not surprised they aren't advertising it much-- they are going to lose money. They will end up getting bottles from Target, from Wal Mart, etc. Giving monetary credit for bottles they may not have profited off of in the first place-- that's very generous. Bravo Babies R Us! They are certainly setting a standard for the way corporations should treat their customers.

Thanks for sharing! Thankfully I'm done with bottles... ;-)