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Monday, July 7, 2008

Refreshing blue waters

Swimming and summer go hand and hand. But there are many dangers when it comes to your toddler and water.

As I mentioned in my pool dangers post, all it takes is a little water in the lungs to cause un-intentional drowning, so as parents we must be vigilant about the warning signs.

But another health issue has come to fruition, don't drink the pool water. Which this past weekend, I noticed my little Jelly bean enjoys blowing bubbles in the pool - however, her version involves "tasting the water" not actually blowing bubbles. Experts say you shouldn't even let the water in your mouth, due to pools being contaminated or you may experience one of the most common illnesses - diarrhea.

So now that we covered keeping the water out of our and our toddlers mouths...also remember these important water safety basics.

And remember, this post isn't meant to scare parents, just remind us of water go have a fun and "jump in the pool" kind of summer! Besides, you may be training the next Dara Torres!


Sheri said...

thanks for the reminder.
I just thought about you. Jessuca Seinfeld is on oprah tomorrow. I missed the first time so hopefully I can watch it.

Sheri said...

oops jessica..typing with one hand all the time(nursing) makes for a lot of misspellings.

Stepherz said...

Yep, water definitely scares me now that I have little ones. They just don't understand the dangers. I've read about moms who turned their back for only a moment... It's so scary. I even drain out our little blow up pools because they make me paranoid. And we've entertained getting a hot tub more than once, but I think we'll wait a few years before we do that. Thanks for the reminder!

Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

Yeah, pool water is pretty gross, even without adding in whatever gets in there from humans swimming! Chlorine, I believe, is just sort of a necessary evil and not one you'd want your child ingesting.

A funny sort of related story - my ex -usband I think must have misunderstood something he read or saw on tv. He used to tell me that a child could drown in a TEASPOON of water!

I think what he meant was that a child could drown even if they got a teaspoon of water into their LUNGS, but the way he told it was that a child could actually drown in a teaspoon full of water. Yes, the world is full of unexpected danger all right, but I think even your most fearless toddler would have trouble drowning in a teaspoon!

Sheri said...

Oh darn! would you believe I missed Oprah today? Maybe I can go on her site and get some info on it. Noah was so fussy today I completely forgot. :(

Shawn said...

I'm just catching up here. Lost all of my blogs in a weird error on Firefox. All of them. Imagine the devastation????? I'm still working my way through the lists and memory to recapture everyone and start reading, and commenting again. Hope all is well.

I am extra careful around the water. Can they drown in a sprinkler??? lol