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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

It's Potty-time!

We did it Hooray!

Ok, maybe I am jumping the gun just a wee bit, but I can hardly contain myself...Jelly is in big girl pants! She officially took the dive on Monday at school. She went all day in under wear, no accidents...even on the way home...which is a 45 minute drive.

And she has been hanging in there all week. Tomorrow, she gets the special princess pants..she is very excited. I am still nervous...but this is a huge milestone and I am certainly proud of her.

So hooray, no more diapers for Jelly!


cce said...

Hooray for Jelly...that's milestone for sure. And just dropping in to say that you and I spell our first names the same, which is rare, and makes me smile as if I know you somehow. If I had a dollar for every time someone's called me Keri.

mb said...

Way to go Jelly!! I still get nervous with Bug but so far so good.
The other day I was leaving the farmers market downtown and she had to pee-pee. You guessed it... no pottys anywhere and there was no chance we would get anywhere in time. When we got to the car I looked both ways, no one coming, pulled her panties down and leaned her up against the car abd held her hands while she peed in the gutter... reminds me of college (ha ha)! wipe with a tissue, up with the panties, in the car, and never discovered! Phew!
The whole time she kept saying... Mommy, I pee-pee in the street!" I said, "Honey, your not the first one to do it and definatly not the last!"
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