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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Birthday Blessings

Here it is my birthday. Yup, I am the big 33. I usually wouldn't admit to that (I still claim to be 29) but since age doesn't determine who you are, only you do, I am going to count all 33 blessings in my life. Besides, I could use a little healing therapy in my life.

So here we go...

I am blessed to have:
1. My husband who keeps me on the straight and narrow

2. My daughter who gives me something to smile and laugh about

3. An angel baby, even though we only had a short time together

4. My family who reminds me that I am both normal and insane

5. To have known my grandparents and great grandparents (which not too many are blessed with both)

6. Wonderful and very caring friends (my new friends online too!)

7. My cat who loves me unconditionally

8. A roof over my head

9. At least one car to get me around

10. Food to feed my family

11. My job and great boss and coworkers (hard to have all 3)

12. My health

This is harder than it looks!

13. The ability to learn fast

14. The ability to problem solve

15. My Irish stubborn and German soft side

16. A blog that allows me to write openly and freely

17. Been places, like Mexico and Italy

18. My college experience

19. Teachers and Mentors throughout my life who made me realize I could be and do anything I wanted as long as I put my mind to it

20. My ability to laugh

Not even to drinking age yet?

21. Hobbies, like scrapbooking and taking pictures

22. Jelly in day care at my work

23. To be able to visit Jelly at day care anytime (I know this is an extension of 22!)

24. My Sorority

25. The ability to dance (I know I need to upload some moon-walk video)

26. Super mom ability (ok, it is a stretch...more like Multi-tasking ability)

Man, 33 is a long way!

27. All my teeth (This is getting pretty lame now! lol)

28. Moved to North Carolina without knowing anyone (I went to college there and was forced out of my shell)

29. Where I technically should stop...I am blessed to only be 29! LOL

30. Continuous support from family and friends

31. Hugs and kisses from Hubby and Jelly

32. LOVE and LOVE from Hubby and Jelly

33. Every experience good and bad, because it made me the woman I am today.

whew! That is harder than it looks!

Happy Weekend!


Stepherz said...

Loved reading this!

Did you know I was born in NC? Small world. Where did you go to college there?

And I would LOVE to see the moon-walking. I personally have 2 left feet. We tried to take ballroom dancing classes once, but I was sooooo bad that we ended up quitting. I was holding all of the other students up. What a dork! I can do the robot though!

Carey said...

Thanks, High Point University. I loved North Carolina, I would go back any day!

I do need to get the moon-walking on here...although, I was much better at it when I was 9! We will have to compare can do the robot! LOL

mb said...

I am going to argue with Blessing #9... German is not soft, I should know! That is where the temper comes from, you should have seen my grandmother!!
You both can put me to shame with dancing... all I can do is jump around, shake my bootie, and do the "Elaine". I promise, its not easy to watch!
And you should count your blessings every day, or at least try to. It keeps you grounded!

Carey said...

You are right! German and Irish are a dangerous mix...fiery!


Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

Oh yeah I have that German thing too...

Sounds like a good list!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!