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Friday, February 1, 2008

The 14 days until Valentines Day - WSD

Ok, today is February 1st, meaning V-day is 14 days in counting. And I know it is one of the most commercialized holidays (Next to Hallow-Thanks-Christmas)...but who says you have to buy-a-dozen-red-$100-roses-for-your-sweetie? So put down your wallet and let's put on our Martha Stewart thinking caps for this round of Weekend Steals and Deals...Your 14 day Valentines Special.

1. Nothing says it like a card. Hallmark or Home-made cards always warm the heart

2. You are my queen Bee. Make them breakfast in bed.

3. I (heart) you. You know you love those cute little heart message candies.

4. An almost free date night? Minus the babysitter and gas, take your lovey-dovey to a beer or wine tasting. It is free and you get some adult time.

5. Baby its cold outside. So, light the fire and have a romantic picnic inside.

6. Life is like a box of chocolates. MMMM, nothing says I love you like chocolates (HINT HINT - Honey)

7. Every Rose has thorns. Roses are nice, but who says they are the only type of flower a girl her a dozen of her favorites (Or his!)

8. That is so 1980. Make them a CD of romantic songs or one that you share memories of.

9. Oh Romeo, Romeo. Wherefore art thou Romeo? If you can't say it in a card, profess your love in a letter

10. Bake me a cake as fast as you can. With a little red icing and a sprinkle of love...if you can cook, if not, take them out. (Just try to skip McDonalds)

11. Make it a movie night. Rent a romantic film and snuggle up. (Just not Cinderella)

12. 10 things I LOVE about you. Write them down and share them with each other.

13. You rub my back and I'll rub yours. Who says you need a $300 spa package? Some lit candles, a little oil and voila, you have a massage.

14. So many times we make a big deal out of one day, when really we need to remember that V-day isn't the only day to show one another how much we love them, it should be everyday. Tell them how much you love them...and remember it doesn't have to be $100 worth, because those three words are truly priceless.

And if you are itching for more ideas check out some at Real Simple and be sure to check out their V-day facts.

Happy Weekend!

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Yogirl said...

Love the back rub idea best!!!
Everyone could use a little rub down!

MB said...

Cough, choke, gag... what happened to the cynic that hung black cut out hearts. I think I liked her better!

Bastet said...

Yogirl - yes, especially when its your own!

MB - LOL, I knew you would somehow remember this. A long time ago, I didn't appreciate,ehem, like v-day and hung black hearts on my hall-mates doors. Ahh, memories! At least they were hearts! LOL

Honeybell said...

Those are fantastic ideas . . . especially for a Valentine's Day scrooge like me. I'm more of a "kiss my ba-hootie everyday or not at all" kind of girl, but these are really something I'd enjoy.


Sheri said...

Great ideas! Maybe some homemade brownies too. MMMM