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Friday, December 21, 2007

WSD - a little Holiday style

It is almost here, trust me - the count down has been freaking out too, but since we can't stop time and Christmas is now only 4 days away...YIKES! Here are some ideas for those last minute things you'll need to get or if you are less than stressed, maybe it'll inspire the Martha Stewart in you...

I love centerpieces...I will probably pick-up a nice one at my favorite florist and friend, Blooms By Vickrey...but here are some simple ideas if you don't live in PA.

It may be too late to send a Christmas card in the mail...but there are always e-cards...and most you pay a dollar or, even better, they are free!

And some families spend time together after church service eating and being merry, or in our case teasing the kids that Santa won't come until they are all snug in their beds...but wait, the kids need a way for Santa to find them...don't freak are the ingredients for reindeer dust, and the kids can sprinkle it, I recommend outside, so that Santa can find his way to your house.

But while the anticipation builds, don't forget you can track Santa on Christmas eve...and if you are bored in the meantime, there are plenty of those mindless computer games to occupy your time.

Happy Weekend!

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