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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Brilliant Idea Hershey (insert sarcasm here.)

I love candy, particularly chocolate, but I do enjoy gummy bears and mints on occasion. So, it doesn't surprise me how much my child enjoys to eat candy too.

I remember the nostalgic candy growing up, candy cigarettes, they even puffed smoke out of them when you blew into cool was that? Imitating reality is what kids love to do, they want to be like mommy and daddy. Well, thank goodness Hershey came up with an idea that a parent on crack can be proud of...they are called Ice Breaker Pacs.

Apparently several law enforcement officials are upset about this candy, saying that it looks too much like the real thing...not just the powdery texture but the packaging too. I have always thought of candy as a kind of sugary-crack, giving you a super high for about 30 minutes and then quickly falling into a sugar trance then leaving you hungry for more....but seriously has it come to this? Time for Hershey to pull this off theshelves.

Shame on you Hershey!

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Mary Beth said...

It is like those nicotine inhalers to help quit smoking but in a minty fresh pack for crack-heads!

Shawn said...

I saw that in the newspaper ... nice, right? My husband and I decided that either Hershey needs to diversify its workforce to get an understanding of what the street culture is like or they are trying to break into the urban market to make some real dough. Either way, the company is disgusting me more and more these days.

Bastet said...

Yes, I think Milton would be rolling over in his grave.

And still no word whether or not they are pulling these!