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Friday, November 16, 2007


It is the beginning of cold and flu season here in the north east, and well, what better than a few more tips on how to beat off some of the typical child borne illness...

Since so many people wash their hands but never long enough to actually remove germs and bacteria, this new soap outta do the trick. SquidSoap by airborne, has ink that you mark on your hand and then you wash it off. This was intended to teach kids good hygiene but hey it works for adults too!

Isn't it fun to chase your child, pin them down to be able to wipe their nose? Thankfully I don't have to use the sucker-thing anymore, my child has almost mastered blowing her nose. But the truth is, kids hate wiping a running nose, let alone you doing it for them. These innovative boogie wipes were invented by moms like you and me. They say "Snot your average wipes," I say, "Clever, why didn't I think of that?" These are made of strong tissues with saline solution on them, did I say these were clever? Um Yeah.

And a little off subject, I stumbled onto this list of "Not made in China toys" thanks to a mommy story blog. Listed are 500 toys not made in China, ones that you can find at Toys R US.

Happy Shopping!


Shawn said...

You always provide such good information!!

My girls like their nose to be wiped with a tissue at this point ... too much 'cause they're always asking for them and blowing out their nose to show that they need one. That ink thing scares me though ... I'll have to research it a bit. Interesting.

Bastet said...

Thanks. My daughter loves tissues too, until she has a cold of course and we have to wipe her nose. ;)