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Friday, October 26, 2007

Wicked Weekend Steals and Deals

I have been having a blast sharing some fun DIY projects that I had to do it again this week, only with a little spook in it! Gotta love Halloween!

Hershey's has a Trick or Treat website up, with some fun and spooky web activities, as well as, some really neat pumpkin design ideas. And if that is too creepy maybe just your basic stencils will do. And of course, let's not forget something yummy for our tummy' about some witches brew...mmmm or ewww!?

Speaking of something yummy for our tummy's...Ghoul 'ol Ben and Jerry's has a spectacular site up too! They have a mix of online games, like Boogie Bones, and cute coloring pages to print for your little spooks. They also have the story of Halloween with some links to real Halloween stories, I just got shivers!

And if you have lots of time to spare, or just want to neglect the laundry, visit the Garfield website for a cute scavenger hunt, but don't trust the mice!

Have a Spooky Weekend!

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