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Monday, October 1, 2007

She said what?

Having a 2 year-old is pretty comical...which I may not have to tell too many this, but it really is better than tv for entertainment. Looking beyond the typical 2 year-old melt-downs, there is just so much to love and laugh about.

My daughter has been repeating everything...and I mean everything I say. It is very scary hearing my mini-me in the back seat of the car..."Come on lady, let's move it." or "Are you waiting for an invitation?" It really could be much worse, but coming from the voice of a 2 year-old is pretty scary.

Her memory is mention of the fat guy in the red suit, and everyday now is "When is Santa coming?" She even has her list ready...and I am not kidding, she wants cheese and crackers and music. This outta be easy! And I have no idea where this came from.

And after our day care's open house I found out what she has been saying there...apparently she told her teacher one day that, "Mommy at home with my baby sister." hmmm. There is only one...and none on the way. (hint mommy hint!) She has also said that "Mommy yells at the cat, bad cat, Tobee!" Well, at least she didn't say that I yelled at her...or maybe they save that for her file.

But my favorite was during one of their lessons about houses the teachers asked, "what is in your house?" Most of the tots answered my dog, my cat, the tv and then my child answered, "Mommy and Daddy in bed." I really think my child is sub-consciously asking for a baby brother or sister. LOL!

3 comments: said...

LoL. How cute ! Those are the best years !

Sheri said...

That is so funny! Kids crack me up. They really do keep things so simple.

Bastet said...

I am really enjoying these moments. I wish I could catch it on video and save them forever!