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Sunday, November 4, 2007

China Peepers

First it was Hershey and now this, Just Born Inc. (Bethlehem, PA) announced that it has tapped an overseas manufacturer to make its China.

If you don't know, Just Born is the maker of those yummy sugary marshmellowy peeps. And peanut chews, mike and ikes and hot tamales. They want to make sure that there is demand for the product before investing in the equipment to make them here? So, I am begging all you candy lovers...please oh please email Just Born and ask them not to go overseas, keep jobs here and keep our candy lead-free. Please oh Please!


toddlerdaddy said...

It's not just the jobs that will go - the candies themselves will indeed change.

It happened when an American company bought my favorite biscuit company - they changed everything about the biscuits (size, quality of ingredients).

Only slight changes mind you, but they are just not the same anymore and it still makes me sad :(

Bastet said...

It is sad...Even now when companies take out in oreo cookies, not the same! Why ruin a good thing?

Sheri said...

What is Hershey making in china? I had no idea. I can't believe any company would even think of moving production over there with all of the stink. I wonder if the orgin is printed on bags of candy.

Bastet said...

My mistake, Hershey is moving production to Mexico, not China (that I know of...)
My dad recently pointed out Made in China on an apple juice lable...