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Thursday, August 9, 2007

Jumping Jelly Beans - She is a Genius!

Last night on our way home from work, my little jelly bean started
singing the "Wheels on the Bus." I didn't even know that she actually
knew all the words and three full verses - motions and all! Obviously,
it is a 2-year-old version, missing words here and there, but hey, I was
impressed! Where did she learn this song?

We do sing this song in the car and at home to entertain her. But maybe
she learned it off the Elmo favorite songs video? But wait, maybe she
learned it from her day care, they sing songs every day. And maybe it
was all three combined. As most of us think of our children, "My child
is a genius!" some experts would say, "Nope, she is no Einstein."
Well, phooey on them!

A recent study indicates that infants aged 8-16 months who watch DVD's and
videos understand fewer words than their counterparts. I have always thought
my child has done exceptionally well in all her skills and development, and
while she does enjoy watching Sesame Street and other DVD's such as Barney,
Little People and Elmo's World, she never seemed behind with her words, in
fact, I have always thought the opposite.

As a first-time parent, my hubby and I have always been cautious not to
let her sit in front of the TV 24-7, but we believe that a little here
and there doesn't hurt. Moderation is key to everything -- eating
sweets, and watching TV/DVD's/videos - right?

We enjoy interacting through playing, coloring, exercising and while she
watches the boob-tube. Maybe this is what separates us from the study.
And in my personal research and our focus group (consisting of myself
and my hubby) agrees that our girl is our little Einstein.

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