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Sunday, August 5, 2007

Bye Bye Stinky Poo!

Last week, our little jelly bean moved up to the older toddler classroom, and we can finally focus on ditching those stinky diapers!

Her primary teacher has been so wonderful with helping her ditch the bottle and binky, I have complete faith that, together, we will help her master the potty too!

So far so good...She loves to sit on the potty, she has successfully pee'd on the potty and she even knows what to do with the toilet paper! Just today, jelly bean went 3 times on the potty, but no poop yet! Well, she did poop in her diaper today but she refused to be changed...Anyone else have this problem?

I will keep you updated on "Our Adventures of Bye-Bye Stinky Poo!"


Jill said...

Good luck with the training!!!!!!! I thought about doing a toilet training how to blog entry, but the closest I got was a When not to talk to your child's teacher about poop post :-)

Bastet said...

And that was a great post!

Jill said...

Thanks! Hope you guys had another great day! How old is she?

Bastet said...

She is 26 months. She did have another successful potty-day. She went pee on the potty 2 times today. It is really cute how her eyes light up when she goes.