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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Tell-tale signs that you are a parent of a toddler

Because we all need some humor in our lives...
Here are the top ten signs you know you are a parent of a toddler

10. Your child's Bowel Movements are a main topic of conversation.
9.  You accidentally drink out of your child's sippy cup and realize it doesn’t taste like iced tea!
8.  When you are alone in the car and continue to listen and sing along
      with the Elmo CD.
7.  Your living room looks like Hurricane (insert child’s name) came through.
6.  When you go to the mall to buy yourself a new pair of shoes - instead
     you walk out with two for your child.
5.  You actually enjoy watching Sesame Street.
4.  You say "say please" and "thank you" for your child and everyone else.
3.  When serving dinner you cut up every one's food into "non-chokable" pieces.
2.  You can’t wait for nap time, so you too can catch some zzz’s.
And the number one reason...
1. You start using the same phrases your parents used on you!


Jill said...

Good ones - as are pointing out cows, tractors and trains when there are no children around. Of course, I've pointed them out way past when the children were old enough to have lost interest in barnyard animals! :-0

Bastet said...

That is a good one! I actually get caught doing the cow one, but also "Look it's a bus!" and realize I am alone :)