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Friday, July 13, 2007

Such a Good Neighbor

Recently, when my daughter was sick and actually vegged out on the couch (which never happens), Mister Rogers came on and she was mesmerized. The same fascination were in her eyes as were in mine growing up. My husband loved Sesame Street and I loved Mr. Rogers. My daughter, like almost every other 2 year-old, loves Elmo and Barney. So, when I found out that a college in Northern Pennsylvania is digitizing 900 episodes of Mister Rogers and opening a center next year, I was thrilled! And because I truly believe that every child should know who Mister Rogers was and about the land of make-believe, I wanted to share this story.

College digitizing Mister Rogers' archive, including 900 episodes


Jill said...

Aawwww! I can remember when I was maybe four my mom telling me to wave goodbye to Mr. Rogers. We were moving out of state and that's the last thing I remember in that house because it was on right as we were walking out the door to move.

Bastet said...

Wow, real neighbors!?