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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Sanity through tantrums

I am hesitant to use the words "terrible two's" because what it really is, is a stepping stone of development for toddlers. It is a very difficult stage for parents and toddlers, because of lack of communication.

The parents know what they want: to get the child fed, dressed, go where they want to go...however, the toddler has something better in mind, but they have a hard time communicating so they do what they know best...fall to the ground kicking and screaming.

It is really dramatic for the parents, especially in public. You turn bright red and look around as people glare and whisper. I know I feel like throwing myself to the ground -- yelling and kicking...or just post a sign above my head that says...yes, my child is out of control and yes it is normal.

My husband and I are learning to take our daughter away from crowds to prevent a captive audience. We are also learning to make choices available to her. And when we are at home, sometimes the easiest thing is to let her get it out. (In a safe place)

Through it all, I just keep repeating: "May God grant me the serenity (sanity) to get us through this phase!"


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